If I have an apple, you have a pear and we exchange them – I will then have a pear, and you – an apple. It is hard to say who is the winner in this deal.

If I have a good idea, you have a good idea and we exchange them – each will have two good ideas. We both win.

А third-degree gain is the “Win-Win-Win” principle which is applied in full power to Influencing Marketing.


Win FOR THE BUSINESS. Traditional communication of your brand has so far been lost in city traffic (billboard) or was missed by the audience during TV commercials most of people change the TV channel or go to the bathroom). Influencers are interested in your product and present it to an audience that has the same necessity of it.

Win FOR THE INFLUENCERS. You have an active presence in social media, you have interest on certain topics, your posts are provoking reactions and sharing. You make recommendations of products and present them to your audience. Why not make profit from you influence?

Win FOR THE CONSUMERS. You are a user of the new media. You’ve created your online community of friends you follow and trust and you often make a purchase decision based on their recommendations.