Influencer marketing

Audiences can smell advertisements from miles away, and they’re rarely moved by them. Consumers rely on opinions and recommendations from friends, family and peers, and not direct ads.

Brands reach wider audiences and have 11 times greater Return of Investment (ROI) by Influencer marketing than by traditional forms of advertising. That is why we will not offer you paid celebrities to advertise your product. We will offer you individuals with influence and expertise that not only provoke engagement but also lead the whole conversation. We will tell a story that will resonate with your audience and break through the noise of social and traditional media. We will give you a meaningful narrative that will set a viral fire.

Because your exceeded expectations are our success.


91% of social media users tend to trust people’s recommendation rather than an ad.


Influencing marketing delivers up to 11 times the Return of Investment (ROI) compared to traditional forms of advertising.


94% of Brands that  had a partnership with an Influencer find it successful.


47% of Internet users worldwide use some kind of Ad Blockers.

Steps to implement a campaign

Getting familiar with the goals of your brand


We develop and execute all campaigns according to the goals and priorities of your brand.

Developing a strategy and defining KPIs


We measure your KPIs and create an innovative action plan. That's how we guarantee the success of your campaigns.

Finding the perfect influencers


There is a perfect Influencer for every brand and we know how to find him.

Content creation


Copywriting and design tailored to your brand and target audiences.

Going live


Storytelling in the most suitable platforms at the right time.

Tracking and measurement


We measure all campaigns from start to finish and provide you with specific and clear results.