Celebrity influencers

Aleks Petkanova

fashion, beauty and lifestyle

Chris Nenkov

television and lifestyle

Dani Petkanov

television and lifestyle


sport, music and television

Macro influencers

They have bigger impact on social media. Their messages reach thousands of people who follow them exclusively for their interests. They have over 10,000 followers.

Dobby Tafkova

fashion, lifestyle & beauty

Gabriela Baleva – Gabinka

gaming, beauty and lifestyle

Ivomila Petkova


Jori Rumenov


Sofia Marinkova


Veso Ovcharov

extreme sports and travel

Micro influencers

Users for whom social media is more like a hobbythan a job. They have up to 10000 followers. Their recommendations are sincere and immediate.

Gery Turiyska

literature and music


lifestyle, travel and fashion

Pavel Vladimirov

lifestyle and television

Quite a Looker

travel, lifestyle and beauty

Rada Boneva

healthy eating, lifestyle, travel and fashion
Рая Кьосева

Raya Kyoseva

travel and music

Reneta Kamberova

sport, fashion, healthy lifestyle and travel

Reneta Kanevska

lifestyle, fashion and travel

Rose & Peach

Азиатска култура

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