A lot is being said in regards to the effectiveness of the influencer phenomenon in cooperation with brands.. Despite the many opposing expert opinions, numbers suggests that Influencer marketing is still amongst the most effective methods of Brand Promoting. Why should we work with Influencers? Here are three simple reasons.

Reason #1

94% of brands that cooperated with an Influencer, find it successful, according to 90% of users trust online and personal product recommendations, while only a third trusts ads. 88% follow references of popular people on the web or their own circle of acquaintances. 86% of women seek a second opinion on social media before making a purchase, and 6 in 10 teens follow advice from Influencers over celebrities. 72% of users trust a business more if it is recommended by an Influencer.

Reason #2

Your competition is already doing it. And they are gaining customers’ trust – customers that could be yours.

Reason #3

Your competition does not do it? Even better. You can be the first one in your industry and leave the competition behind.